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Get Involved and Stay Involved

  • Be fully engaged in what’s occurring at your facility
  • Commit to proactive measures and follow through
  • Conduct Safety Observation Rounds (SORs) and/or Work Procedures Reviews to identify and control risk and reinforce our standard operating procedures
  • Apply Plan-Do-Check-Act in every task
  • Avoid Normalization of Deviance – don’t cut corners or make work-arounds
  • Reinforce Stop Work Authority without fear of repercussion
  • Encourage Contractor participation in our L.I.V.E safe efforts
  • When in doubt, Shut Down


I’m a Safety Leader Because…


Our Principles, Beliefs and Standards


Operational Excellence at Buckeye

“We care. You have to care. When you stop caring that becomes the biggest problem.” – MIKE MATTSSON