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Is there a way to search for the document that i'm looking for?

Yes. Visitors can search for a document using the search icon in the sites main navigation. Visitors will also find a search bar at the bottom of each page.

How do I sign up for a PIC school?

PIC schools are for new PICs and for those that have taken the online refresher for 2 years. All PICs are required to take Instructor led training for the initial certification and every third year thereafter.

Visitors can sign up for a PIC school by visiting the PIC school page or clicking the link below.

What if I just need to take the PIC refresher course?

You will need to contact one of the PIC instructors from the PIC Instructor list and receive a link to register for the online refresher.

PIC Instructors

Who do I contact if I have a question?

All of our contact information is listed on the contact page. Please visit the contact page by clicking the link below.

How do I report safety incident?

All incidents must be reported immediately to your supervisor and your Buckeye representative

What safety gear is provided by Buckeye?

All safety gear is provided by your employer.

Are first aid kits provided with every project?

Contractors are required to provide first aid kits for their employees.

Are fire extinguishers provided with every project?

Contractors are required to provide their own fire extinguishers.

Who has stop-work authority?

Everyone has Stop Work Authority. It is your obligation and Buckeye’s expectation that you will stop work when there is anything that poses a danger to anyone.

Is there a contractor handbook to reference?

Yes. You can view the Contractor Safety Handbook by visiting this link. LINK

How do I become a Buckeye contractor?

Contact the supply chain department at